On The Menu

at Richmond/Katy area, Texas

Salad & Soup

S1. Seaweed Salad $4.50
S2. House Salad $4.00
S3. Ika Sansai(Saued Salad) $4.00
S4. Teriyaki Chicken Salad $8.50
S5. Salmon Misoyaki Salad $10.50
S6. Miso Soup $2.25
fresh salmon soup with tofu, seaweed, green onions


A1. EDAMAME $3.50
Boiled soybean pods with sea salt.
A2. Stued Jalapenos $5.00
Crab & cream cheese stuffed jalapeno, fried & served with house sweet sauce.
A3. Gyoza $4.00
Japanese style pan fried dumpling served with house special sauce.
A4. Karaage( Japanese Fried Chicken) $5.00
Japanese fried chicken with perfect crispy texture, tender on the inside.
A5. Fried Chicken Meatball $4.50
Crispy deep fried chicken meatball with sweet chili sauce.
A6. Takoyaki $4.00
Crispy deep fried octopus ball topped with mayo & tonkatsu sauce.
A7. Agedashi Tofu $5.00
Deep fried tofu with tempura sauce & bonito flakes
A8. Veggie Spring Roll $3.50
A9. Tempura Combination $13.50
2ps each onion rings, sweet potatoes, crab stick, mushrooms. 4ps shrimp tempura.
A10. Shrimp Tempura $6.00
A11. Sweet Potatoes Tempura $3.50
A12. Crab Stick Tempura $5.00
A13. Onion Rings Tempura $3.50
A14.Vegetable Tempura $6.00
A15. Soft Shell Crab Tempura $13.00
A16. Tempura Calamari $8.00
A17. Saba Shio Yaki $8.00
Grilled mackerel with salt.
A18. Chicken Yakitori $6.00
A19. Beef Yakitori $7.00
A20. Hamachi Kama $10.00
A21. Beef Negimaki $6.00
Onions, Avocado, Angus beef.
A22. Beef Tataki $12.00
Ponzu sauce, green onion, togarashi.
A23. Tuna Carpaccio $12.00
Thinly sliced tuna with sweet soy &dry onion.
A24. Hamachi Jalapeno Carpaccio $12.00
Jalapeno, ponzu and garlic oil.

Lunch SpecialTEISHOKU-PLATE (Japanese Combo Meal)

only avaibale 11:00-3:00pm/ Monday-Friday
(serve with salad, miso soup)
T3. Traditional Gyudon Teishoku $9.99
Rice topped with Angus beef in sweet house sauce, slow-cooked egg on top.
T4. Teriyaki Chicken Teishoku $8.99
Pan fried breaded chicken with Yuki’s Teriyaki sauce over rice, served with Japanese omelet.
T5. Teriyaki Salmon Teishoku $11.99
Grilled salmon with Yuki’s teriyaki sauce.
T6. Chirashi Teishoku $12.99
Assorted fish over rice, topped with seaweed salad and tobiko.
T7. Poke Teishoku $12.99
(A: Salmon, escalor) or (B: Tuna, yellowtail) , crab stick, avocado, tabiko, wasab octopus, citrus & ponzu sauce.
T8. Don Teishoku $11.99
(A: Sake Don) or (B: Tuna Don) or (C: Yellowtail Don) choices of spicy of fresh fish over rice.
T9. Japanese Curry Beef Teishoku $9.99
Angus beef or chicken, potato, carrots & snow peas in Japanese curry sauce.
T10. Japanese Curry Chicken Teishoku $8.99
T11. Unadon Teishoku $12.99
Grilled eel with eel sauce, covered steamed rice with slow-cooked egg and Japanese omelet.
T12. Yuki’s Fried Rice Teishoku $9.99
(Yuki’s special favor. Shrimp/Beef/Chicken)
T13. Combination Fried Rice Teishoku $12.99
(Yuki’s special favor. Shrimp, beef , chicken with vegetables.)
T14. Yaki Udon Teishoku $9.99
T15. Tonkatsu Teishoku $8.99
Breaded & deep fried pork loin cutlet with original tonkatsu sauce or with Japanese curry sauce.
T16. Karaage Teishoku $8.99
Breaded & deep friend chicken flavored with house sauce.
T17. Vegetable Teishoku $8.99
Mixed vegetable Tempura.

Teishoku-Plate (Japanese Combo Meal)

(serve with salad, miso soup, mashed potatoes, pickles)
T1 . Yuki’s Gyudon Teishoku (Chef’s Special) $17.99
Rice topped with onion, Yuki’s special sweet sour sauce, sliced thinly beef with 48 hours meticulous preparation, slow-cooked egg on top.
T2. Volcano Salmon Teishoku $17.99
Fresh salmon covered rice topped with tobiko & crab meat, served with Japanese omelet, seaweed salad & wasabi octopus.

Maki Rolls

M1 . Hawaii Garland $10.50
Shrimp tempura, jalapeno & crab mixed inside, topped with salmon, mango Japanese mayo, eel sauce & sesame seeds.
M2. Yuki’s Roll $11.95
Salmon,escolar, avocado and masago, lightly tempura battered, topped with spicy mayo, eel sauce & sesame seeds.
M3. Yummy Roll $11.95
Crab mixed & avocado rolled lightly tempura battered, topped with yummy sauce, tobiko & green onion.
M4. Hot Mama $11.95
Crab stick tempura, jalapeno, avocado, topped with spicy tuna, tempura flakes, eel sauce, wasabi mayo & spicy mayo sauce.
M5. Hokkaido’s Snow $11.95
Escolar tempura, cucumber & avocado inside, toppedwith mixed snow crab, tempura flakes & eel sauce.
M6. Felicia’s Ribbon $11.95
Crab mix, avocado, tamago inside, topped with tuna, shrimp, Japanese mayo, eel sauce & black sesame seeds.
M7. Caterpillar $10.95
Unagi, cucumber inside, topped with avocado, eel sauce & sesame seeds.
M8. Rainbow $10.95
Kani, cucumber & avocado inside, various kinds of fish on top.
M9. Sahala $8.95
Soft shell crab, seaweed salad, tempura flake inside, topped with toufu skin, eel sauce, orange tobiko & special Yuki’s sauce.
M10. Bangkok’s Summer $10.95
Two shrimp tempuras, jalapeno & avocado inside, topped with eel tempura, thin sliced mango, crab mix & eel, chili sauce.
M11. Shaggy Dog $10.95
Cucumber & shrimp tempura inside, topped with kani, green onion & Japanese mayo.
M12. Equatorial $9.50
Tempura flakes, avocado & mixed snow crab inside,topped with ebi & seaweed salad.
M13. Spider $10.95
Fried soft shell crab, cucumber & avocado inside, topped with tobiko & eel sauce.
M14 Jade Ring $9.50
Shrimp, avocado, kani & mixed snow crab inside, wrapped in cucumber.
M15. Jalapeno Roll $7.95
Fried jalapeno stuffed with snow crab & cream cheese.
M16.Crazy Lion $15.50
Shrimp tempura, cream cheese,avocado,spicy salmon, tempura flakes & spicy mayo sauce.
M17. Dragon Roll $12.50
Shrimp tempura, mango, cucumber inside, topped with avocado, eel.
M18. Skydiver Roll $14.50
Softshell crab, cucumber inside, on top with eel, avocado, eel sauce.
M19. Cowboy Roll $14.50
Cucumber and avocado inside,seared angus beef on top with spicy mayo, chili, eel sauce.
M20. Crazy Roll $9.50
Shrimp tempura, spicy tuna, cucumber, spicy mayo.
M21. Tiger Eye Roll $9.50
Smoked salmon, jalapeno, cream cheese inside, rapped with soy paper and masago.
M22. Rock-n-Roll $8.50
Shrimp tempura, masago, cucumber, avocado, spicy mayo.
M23. Crunch Roll $10.50
Avocado, shrimp tempura inside with spicy tuna, tempura flakes on top.
M24. Shrimp Tempera Roll $9.00
M25. California Roll $6.50
M26. Philadelphia Roll $8.50
add $1.50 for tempura
M27. Avocado Roll $5.00
M28. Cucumber & Avocado $6.00
M29. Cucumber Roll $5.00
M30. Eel Roll $6.00
M31. Salmon $6.00
M32. Salmon Skin Roll $6.00
M33. Spicy Crunch Tuna Roll $6.90
M34. Spicy Crunch Yellowtail Roll $7.90
M35. Spicy Tuna & Avocado $8.90
M36. Spicy Salmon $8.90
M37. Spicy Yellowtail $8.90
M38. Tuna Roll $6.00
M39. Vegetable Roll $6.90

Hand Rolls

HR1. California $4.50
HR2. Tuna $4.20
HR3. Salmon $3.90
HR4. Yellowtail $4.50
HR5. Shrimp Tempura $4.00
HR6. Cucumber & Avocado $3.00
HR7. Soft Shell Crab $4.50
HR8. Spicy Tuna $3.50
HR9. Spicy Yellowtail $4.90
HR10. Spicy Crunch Tuna $4.50
HR11. Salmon Skin $3.00


Sushi Combination A $15.00
1 pc each on Tamango, Sur Clam, Masago, Escolar, Avocado, Eel,Tuna, Salmon.
Sushi Combination B $16.00
1 pc each on Ebi, escolar, Hmachi, Tuna, Salmon, California Roll.
Ama-ebi $3.50
(1 pc)
Crab Stick $3.50
(2 pcs)
Escolar $3.50
(2 pcs)
Japanese Omelet $3.50
(2 pcs)
Masago $3.00
(2 pcs)
Octopus $3.00
(2 pcs)
Saba $3.50
(2 pcs)
Salmon $3.50
(2 pcs, smoked add .50)
Scallop $3.50
(2 pcs, hole, chopped)
Shrimp $3.25
(2 pcs, ebi)
Squid $3.50
(2 pcs)
Surf Clams $3.50
(2 pcs)
Tofu Skin $2.59
(2 pcs)
Tobilo $3.50
(2 pcs)
Tuna $3.50
(2 pcs)
Unagi $3.50
(2 pcs)
Yellowtail $4.50
(2 pcs)


Sashimi Combination A $15.00
Tuna, Salmon, Escolar (9 pcs)
Sashimi Combination B $23.00
Tuna, Escolar, Salmon, Kani, Surf Clams (15 pcs)
Albacore $8.50
(4 pcs)
Amaebi Sweet Shrimp $12.50
(4 pcs)
Crab Stick $6.50
(4 pcs, Kani)
Escolar $8.45
(4 pcs)
Saba $8.50
(4 pcs)
Salmon $8.50
(4 pcs)
Scallop $8.50
(4 pcs)
Shrimp $6.50
(4 pcs, ebi)
Squid $7.00
(4 pcs)
Surf Clams $7.00
(4 pcs)
Tuna $8.65
(4 pcs)
Unagi $8.95
(4 pcs)
Wasabi Octopus $8.50
(4 pcs)
Yellowtail $9.95
(4 pcs)

Kid's Meal

(for Children under the age of 12)
Japanese Fried Chicken $5.99
Crispy deep fried chicken served with steam rice, tamagoyaki, fruits or vegetable.
Shrimp Tempura $5.99
2 shrimp tempura, served with steam rice, tamagoyaki, fruits or vegetables.

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